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ElbowRoom Pricing

TheLynda | TheJane | TheAusten

TheLynda Prices

Lynda Wiggle Room
8 x 8
 10 x 8 $28k
 12 x 8 $30k
 14 x 8 $32k
 16 x 8 $34k
 12 x 10 $32k
 14 x 10 $36k
 16 x 10 $38k
 18 x 10 $42k
 20 x 10 $46k
 12 x 12 $36k
 14 x 12 $40k
 16 x 12$44k 
Lynda Home Room
Size Price
20 x 12$73k
 20 x 16 $84k
 24 x 20 $99k
 28 x 24 $135k
 30 x 20 $121k
 40 x 20 $160k
Lynda Home w/ Full Bath
  + Full Bath 
Size Price
20 x 12$88k
 20 x 16 $99k
 24 x 20 $114k
 28 x 24 $150k
 30 x 20 $136k
 40 x 20 $175k
Lynda Home w/ Full Bath & Kitchenette
  + Full Bath & Kitchenette
Size Price
20 x 12$103k
 20 x 16 $114k
 24 x 20 $129k
 28 x 24 $165k
 30 x 20 $151k
 40 x 20 $190k
Lynda Home w/ Full Bath & Full Kitchen
  + Full Bath & Full L-Shaped Kitchen
Size Price
20 x 12$110k
 20 x 16 $121k
 24 x 20 $136k
 28 x 24 $172k
 30 x 20 $158k
 40 x 20 $197k
Lynda Cabana
14 x 14 $15k
 16 x 16 $18k
 18 x 18$22k
 20 x 20 $26k

TheJane Prices

Jane Wiggle Room
 12 x 10 $32k
 14 x 10 $35k
 12 x 12 $36k
 14 x 12 $39k
 12 x 14 $39k
 14 x 14 $43k
 12 x 16 $44k
Jane Home Room
Size Price
12 x 20 $73k
12 x 30 $86k
14 x 16 $73k
14 x 20$81k
14 x 30 $96k
Jane Home w/ Full Bath
Size Price
12 x 20 $88k
12 x 30 $101k
14 x 16 $88k
14 x 20$96k
14 x 30 $111k
Jane Home w/ Full Bath & Kitchenette
Size Price
12 x 20 $103k
12 x 30 $116k
14 x 16 $103k
14 x 20$111k
14 x 30 $126k
Jane Home w/ Full Bath & Full L-Shaped Kitchen
Size Price
12 x 20 $110k
12 x 30 $123k
14 x 16 $110k
14 x 20$118k
14 x 30 $133k
Jane Cabana
14 x 14 $15k
 16 x 16 $18k
 18 x 18$22k
 20 x 20 $26k

TheAusten Prices

Austen Wiggle Room
 12 x 10 $32k
 14 x 10$36k
 16 x 10$38k
 18 x 10$42k
 20 x 10$46k
 12 x 12$36k
 14 x 12$40k
 16 x 12$38k
Austen Home Room
20 x 12$76k
24 x 14$88k
28 x 16$99
32 x 18$117
 36 x 20$140
Austen Home w/ Full Bath
20 x 12$91k
24 x 14$103k
28 x 16$114k
32 x 18$132k
 36 x 20$155k
Austen Home w/ Full Bath & Kitchenette
20 x 12$106k
24 x 14$118k
28 x 16$129k
32 x 18$147k
 36 x 20$170k
Austen Home w/ Full Bath & Full L-Shaped Kitchen
20 x 12$113k
24 x 14$125k
28 x 16$136k
32 x 18$154k
 36 x 20$177k
Austen Cabana
14 x 14 $15k
 16 x 16 $18k
 18 x 18$22k
 20 x 20 $26k
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What's Included In An ElbowRoom?



We review your latest survey, zoning and municipal regulations, and HOA requirements to determine what is permissible on your property.

Plans & Design Consultation

Our in-house plans are utilized for both construction and permit submissions. Additionally, you will benefit from a design consultation to personalize your Elbow Room.


Every Elbow Room includes climate control and installation for your comfort.

Electrical Rough-in & Hook-up

All Elbow Rooms are electrically wired in compliance with code and include utility connections up to 75 feet from the main utility box of the home.


We employ traditional stick-built construction methods to build on your property. Our efficient teams and streamlined processes typically complete construction within 2-3 weeks for a Wiggle Room, 8-12 weeks for a Home Room, and 1-2 weeks for a Cabana. Please note that these timelines are estimates and may vary depending on the specifics of each project.


We submit all permits and pay for all permitting fees.

Project Management

Your project manager will oversee each phase of construction to ensure your project progresses smoothly. They will also serve as your primary point of contact. Additionally, our specially designed communication portal will track all your communications.


Elbow Room interior walls have an R-15 rating.  The ceiling and floors have an R-30 rating.


Elbow Room accepts payments from third party lenders and institutions.


Elbow Rooms come with a one-year warranty on materials and craftsmanship. All appliance warranties are transferable. Additionally, engineered foundations are covered by a ten-year warranty.

What's Different About ElbowRoom?

Elbow Room is the leading woman-owned ADU builder in Texas.

We recognize the importance of delivering high quality at an exceptional value. With extensive experience in backyard ADU construction, we are adept at foreseeing potential obstacles that less experienced teams might miss.

We provide top-notch quality, service, and efficiency at a single, flat rate. Our standardized process and consistent communication ensure a positive customer experience without any surprises regarding the cost.

Our comprehensive service includes everything from the foundation and air conditioning to electrical hookups and construction. Choose the most knowledgeable and capable team to create a space that truly matters. 

Ways To Use Your ElbowRoom

Backyard Office

Working from home offers many benefits, but it's even more advantageous when you can conduct video calls without interruptions from kids or guests. Plus, what could be better than a commute to your backyard and the ability to completely leave work behind at the end of the day?

Music Studio

Besides creating space for your favorite hobby, a music studio can also help maintain good relationships with family and neighbors. A bit of soundproofing can make a big difference! So go ahead—jam out to your heart's content!

Personal Home Gym

It might seem impossible right now to find time for one of life's most important aspects—your health. Prioritize yourself and your well-being by making it convenient to exercise, whether that's cycling, weightlifting, or walking on your treadmill. After all, who wants to drive across town only to wait for their turn on a machine?

In-law Suite

Become the ultimate host with accommodations that will impress any guest, or create space for family members to stay, whether short-term or long-term. You might be surprised by the financial advantages of investing in your own property compared to the high costs of assisted living. Additionally, you can generate wealth by using your backyard micro-home to earn rental income.


It's important to carve out time for hobbies and activities that matter to you. Creating a dedicated space for pursuits like art, woodworking, ceramics, painting, photography, or yoga can significantly enhance your quality of life. Why not make space for doing the things you love?

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