See what our Mentee has been working on!

Our mentee, Cameron Hughes from Brandeis High School, has developed a Sustainability Package which enables the Elbow Room to function off the grid.

Sustainability Package Upgrade

The concept of sustainability and eco-friendly practices is an important value of Elbow Room. We believe in creating ADUs that are both functional and ecologically responsible. Our sustainability package creates a high-quality, environmentally conscious space that has been carefully curated for all of your living needs.

The sustainability package consists of four components that make it fully functional and off-grid capable: power, water, sanitation, and communication. Each of these features effectively minimizes the environmental impact while maximizing efficiency.

The Benefits of the Sustainability Package

The industry standard accepts that ADUs increase your total property value by 30%. By adding our sustainability package to your ADU, you are investing in a space that is self sustaining and dependable in an ever changing climate. Your potential return on investment is limitless in this regard. There are numerous other benefits to purchasing the sustainability package:

Environmentally conscious

Cost savings on utility bills over time

Experience a remote living space

Energy independence

Decrease reliance on public utilities

A small investment now with potential substantial returns in the future