About Elbow Room


Elbow Room is a woman-owned enterprise spearheaded by a dynamic duo of sisters, united by their fervor for crafting meaningful spaces. Erin, with her affinity for minimalist living, has called eight cozy dwellings home, each under 800 square feet. Her most cherished abode was a quaint 500-square-foot carriage house nestled in Houston Heights. She revels in the simplicity of tiny living and the art of multi-functional spaces.

Amy, on the other hand, is a maestro in designing purposeful areas. Her expertise spans across in-law suites, personal offices, home gyms, craft rooms, and outdoor entertainment areas. Her ingenious approach to space utilization has not only captivated clients but also inspired family and friends to embrace intentional design.

Living next door to each other, Erin and Amy cherish the blend of closeness and independence. They find joy in the spontaneity and fulfillment that comes from frequent family gatherings.

At Elbow Room, our mission is to enhance lives through spaces that truly matter. We uphold values such as price transparency, superior quality, and exceptional service, ensuring that our backyard structures stand out.

Customer happiness and satisfaction are at the heart of our focus. We delight in hearing your stories and witnessing the transformative impact of our Elbow Rooms on your lives. Your creativity and visions continually amaze us, and seeing them come to life is as thrilling for us as it is for you.

Please call 210-854-4023 or email [email protected] to get your journey started!
President, Erin Callahan, and Vice-President, Amy Moody. Sisters, neighbors, and business partners.